Moving to the Myrtle Beach Area

Congratulations! If you’re moving to the Myrtle Beach area, you’ve chosen one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Make Your Next Move Your Best Move

As real estate professionals, Joe & Kathy have made it their duty to know everything they can about relocating to or within the Myrtle Beach area. Indeed, they're widely considered to be experts on the subject. Those who have worked with them appreciate knowing the purchase of their new home is in the hands of such capable and trustworthy professionals while they’re wrapping up all the last-minute details of packing and moving out of their previous home.

Joe & Kathy believe in making the real estate experience and relocation process as easy as possible for everyone involved. To them that means providing information to anyone who wants to find out more about the city they love so much and know so well. That's why they're providing the FREE relocation materials below with no obligation. Simply check the box below and click the “Send Me” button at the bottom to order your copy today! You’ll be glad you did.

Relocation Guide

Joe & Kathy's Grand Strand Relocation Kit

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This guide is designed for anyone considering a move to the area and is a great source of information. Here are just a few of the things Joe & Kathy have included to help make your move more efficient and successful:

  • A complete map of the area, including all streets, highways, public transportation, schools, parks and public areas, shopping centers, churches and major landmarks.
  • A breakdown of local neighborhoods, including average prices and types of homes as well as schools, parks and recreational areas found in each one.
  • Guide to popular restaurants, shops, attractions and entertainment around the area.
  • An insightful step-by-step relocation checklist, including things you'll need to do in your current home, things to take care of before you get here, and the things you'll need to take care of once you arrive.
  • Referral listings of Joe & Kathy's hand-selected and highly recommended team of professionals, including loan officers, accountants, lawyers, decorators, remodeling and construction companies, financial planners, house cleaners, landscapers and more.
  • A current copy of the local newspaper, so you can read up on all the latest news in your new "home town".

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