Philanthropic Endeavours

Katies Project -

Katie's Project, sponsored by LITUS* Properties, is a dress bank providing dresses and formal accessories to high school students in need of a little help to get to prom.

Prom is becoming increasingly more expensive for students and their parents. It’s no surprise that not everyone can afford to spend hundreds on one night, each family has their own problems and priorities and some children are just not as fortunate as others.

Most of us can remember how important this night was- if not we remember our children’s experience or are touched in some way by prom. We are hoping to help these students to have a great prom by eliminating some of the stress and embarrassment associated with not being able to afford what costs an average $600 a person.

In 2007, Katie Rhoden, a St. James High School student, launched Katie’s ProjectSM a dress bank providing dresses and formal accessories to high school girls in need of a little help to get to prom. It was a simple principle that sparked an outpouring of support. Katie’s ProjectSM is about more that just supplying a prom dress or tuxedo. We are instilling in these students that they are important too. We hope the goodwill they are experiencing through this project will reinforce what they are learning about community service and the value of helping others. Our hope is to help increase their self worth and willingness to give back once they have the opportunity.



Joe's Lunch Bunch -

Joe's Lunch Bunch is a group of Grand Strand residents who are committed to helping the less fortunate. The idea is to bring your lunch to work once a week instead of dining out and then donate the money you save to the Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach.

We invite you to join the members of the Lunch Bunch by putting your money to use for a greater cause. Bringing your lunch to work is a simple way to provide a few extra dollars to help feed our community's hungry.

Since 1993, the Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach has been serving the hungry, homeless and working poor without regard to situation or condition.

Those who are in need of a warm and nutritious meal will find the "Kitchen Door" open for lunch 364 days a year.