Client Services

Below we will describe how we work with our Buyer and Seller Clients.  Each one of our clients receives the same level of service.  We have a team that excels in each area of their expertise, it is this combination of talented people with their dedication to detail that gives each and every client a unique experience while working with us.

If you are a visitor we would like you to review the following:

For Listing Clients - Our Marketing Efforts

  1. Each and every property is carefully and skillfully photographed  Then a virtual tour is created to provide a detailed story of that property. Your virtual tour is also placed on a DVD for easy distribution to potential buyers. Click here to view the virtual tours that are already working for our clients.
  2. Each listing is entered into the local MLS system where it will include all the details of your property including the Virtual Tour.
  3. In addition to, your listing appears on, and - We also display your listing on 50 additional locally named websites. While many members of the local MLS share your listing on their personal websites, some only on their company websites and still others not at all.  We provide the widest distribution of your property for the local market
  4. We prepare a detailed package of your property that we present to you prior to beginning the marketing of your property, this enables you to understand completely the market conditions that will effect the pricing and time frame you should expect prior to consummation of a completed contract.
  5. Through this portal we provide you an easy way to keep up with the events affecting your property. You will have your own login to view the details in a simple but effective format. Here you can easily contact us and then track those communications over time.

For Buyer Clients - Understand Your Choices

  1. As we provide our listing clients a package that describes the value and expectations of their properties, we provide a complete marketing analysis  to our Buyer Clients.  These reports provide an understand of the overall market, then we dig down to the area in which they have an interest and finally the specifics of the properties that interest them. 
  2. Your understanding of the area and market are number one in our efforts to match you to the right property.  We will provide the insight as to how to review a property vs your needs. Match those to the property and then guide you through the offering process.  By taking the time to fully understand, you will have the ability to make the right offer, negotiate to a completed contract and never look back about having done anything differently.
  3. We will provide you via email properties that match your needs within 30 minutes or less of their being placed on the market.  Through this process we can eliminate those properties that you do not have an interest in, while narrowing the field to just those properties that do match your requirements.

No matter whether you are a Seller or a Buyer we will use our knowledge of the local market and years of experience to insure your satisfaction each and every time.