Getting to Know Joe & Kathy

Taking a walk along the white sandy beaches, playing one of the more than 100 golf courses and dining in some of the finest restaurants,it’s easy to see how Myrtle Beach offers an opportunity to make dreams come alive. Those dreams of relaxing resort fun and energetic entertainment all wrapped up in an atmosphere of understated sophistication. It’s a place Joe Garrell and Kathy Foxworth are proud to call home – and a place where they help many people discover the low country lifestyle on their own terms.

A Blend Of Talent

Joe and Kathy have a unique way of helping people realize their dreams. Joe has an outgoing and confident nature while Kathy is more reserved with a solid work ethic and classic sense of style. Their unique individual styles combine to create a powerful team always discovering new and more effective ways to give back to their community, such as Joe’s involvement in dozens of local theater productions and Kathy’s help in organizing Myrtle Beach’s annual Sun Fun Festival. It seems they’re always finding new ways to bring their blend of fun and philanthropy to everyone around them.

A Legacy Of Success

Even from an early age, Joe has always been an achiever. Coming from many generations of business success in Myrtle Beach, he had some pretty big shoes to fill. Joe’s parents instilled a sense of accomplishment in their son, which fueled his own ambition for achievement. It eventually led to Joe earning two different college degrees from separate universities on the same day - and he was only warming up. After many decades of international business success, Joe returned to Myrtle Beach where he started his own business and achieved outstanding success results. When he met Kathy, he knew he had found someone that could help him take both his business and his life to new heights.

A Creative Talent

After many years of top-level marketing and retail experience, Kathy Foxworth had just taken a break from directing successful marketing campaigns for major retail trade shows when she met Joe. Her promotional knowledge and innovative ideas turned average shows into spectacular events, earning her a well deserved reputation for creative marketing. Soon after meeting, Kathy and Joe discovered that together, they were the perfect blend of forward thinking and disciplined action - soon becoming inseparable both in life and in business.

Teaming Up

Drawing on their diverse experience and individual talents, Joe and Kathy have become the ultimate real estate “dream makers” serving distinguished clients throughout the Myrtle Beach area. “Using sheer hard work, I have always been committed to delivering the best possible service for my clients,” said Joe. “and with Kathy’s innovative marketing techniques added to the mix, we are able to provide a whole new level of service for buyers and sellers that no one else can match”. It’s a winning combination that allows Joe and Kathy to help their clients get the very most out of every real estate opportunity, whether they’re looking to maximize their home sale, or are new to Myrtle Beach looking for that perfect dream home.

It’s All About Results

Working with properties in a breathtaking area of the country that often represent a substantial investment for families, Joe and Kathy’s rare blend of business savvy and marketing skill redefines the definition of service in real estate. A dedicated team determined to helping clients maximize their returns when listing their properties, Joe and Kathy have unprecedented knowledge of the local markets. They combine their latest home selling innovations – such as their proven marketing systems along with a proprietary network of qualified buyer access – and use them to deliver outstanding results without compromise.

A Successful Combination

Working with Joe and Kathy, people immediately sense they’ve discovered a team of professionals with a unique set of attributes that translate into extraordinary success for their clients. So when it comes to your next move in this exciting area of the country, call Joe Garrell and Kathy Foxworth – and you’ll immediately discover why they’re the clear leaders in Myrtle Beach real estate.